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International Student Services

J-1 Extension Requirement

If you need more time to finish your program beyond the completion date on your DS-2019 Form, you must apply for an Extension of Program before the completion date. We recommend that you apply no less than 30 days prior.Requirement

You must not only be eligible to extend but must do so prior to your DS-2019 completion date, or out of status will result requiring reinstatement before you may continue your studies. Note: If you have not completed your program and your DS-2019 completion date has already passed without your having extended, you should immediately make an appointment with your International Services advisor.

To qualify, you must

  • be a nonimmigrant currently maintaining student status and are able to, and in good faith intending to, continue maintaining that status for the period in which the extension would be granted
  • be able to show that the delay was caused by compelling academic or medical reasons such as changes of major or research topics, loss of credits upon transfer to BYUH, unexpected research problems, or documented illnesses—Delays caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for program extension.
  • You may not extend and then immediately take Annual Leave.

Application Procedure

    1. Department Approval Letter—Obtain a letter from your department on its letterhead and signed by your advisor stating your expected completion date and an explanation as to why it is taking longer to complete your program than the original completion date listed on your Form DS-2019.
    2. Request a New Form DS-2019—International Services.
    3. Proof of Finances—Obtain updated proof of finances if your current documents are more than three months old. This is evidence showing enough financial support for the duration of the requested extension.
    4. Submit Materials—Submit the materials for numbers 1, 2 and 3 to International Services for processing.
    5. New Form DS-2019—Once the application is approved, International Student Services will provide you with a new DS-2019 reflecting the extended date of completion. If you have dependents in J-2 status, they will also be provided new DS-2019s with your program extension date.

    Always contact us at the BYUH International Student Services for further questions.


    Phone Number: 808-675-3517

    Location: Lorenzo Snow Building #5