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Change of Status Application from Within the U.S.

[ ] See USCIS under “Forms” for application and instructions.

[ ] Gather and prepare the following documents on the checklist below – if you are married, include the same documentation for your spouse also, as well as for any dependent children included.

  • Completed and signed I-539 application.
  • Original and copy of your I-94 Arrival/Departure record.
  • Copy of your passport, including visa page, passport number, expiration date, stamped pages, and photograph/biographical identification page.
  • Copy of Form DS-2019 and/or Form I-20.
  • Evidence of financial means of support.
  • Personal, signed statement explaining why you are applying for a change of status.
  • Copy of marriage record (if applicable).
  • Check or Money Order for application fee, in the amount of $370 and $85 biometrics fee, if applicable, made out to: U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security / USCIS.

[ ] After gathering this material, consult with an ISS advisor on the specifics of your application regarding the status you are pursuing.

[ ] After the Change of Status is approved by USCIS, you must submit the approval notice to ISS to update your student record.

Change of Status by Travel and Re-entry Into the U.S.

[ ] Obtain an initial certificate of eligibility from International Student Services after meeting with an advisor to discuss the process and options available.

NOTE: If you are changing to a J visa, you will need an initial DS-2019. If you are changing to an F visa, you will need an initial I-20.

[ ] Leave the U.S., apply for a new visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy.

[ ] Reenter the U.S. with the new visa and initial certificate of eligibility.

[ ] Submit a copy of your new visa stamp and I-94 to ISS after arriving in the United States.


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