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Our Services

International Student Services is committing to supporting and assisting our exchange visitors and international students through informed advisement throughout the admissions process up until the completion of their program. In addition to general advising, we also host regular events, info-sessions, and workshops. See the table below for the advisement and services that we offer.

Services We Provide

Initial Processing
  • Issuing certificates of eligibility
  • New Student Orientation
  • New and returning students
Maintaining Status
  • Maintenance of accurate SEVIS records
  • Application of federal law and regulation to all situations
  • Validation and registration
Enrollment and Academics
  • Reduced course load authorization
  • Leave of absence or withdrawal
  • Discontinuance
  • Change of major
  • SEVIS transfer in
  • SEVIS transfer out
  • Extension of program end date
  • Other enrollment and academics questions
  • On-campus employment authorization
  • Job transfers and clearance forms
  • Optional practical training (OPT)
  • Curricular practical training
  • Pre-completion and post-completion academic training
  • Other employment questions
  • Department of State and USCIS correspondence
  • Travel authorization
  • Form I-515A
  • Status violation
  • Reinstatement
  • Other related questions
  • Guidance to helpful resources (see below)


ID card with a person icon and writing
For any questions regarding change of status, adjustment of status, or H-1 B visas, please refer to USCIS or contact an attorney or an accredited representative for assistance with immigration questions or issues. We are not legal advice, but we are happy to lead you to the right resources that will help you best.

International Student Services can only provide general information and advice related to F-1 and J-1 Visas and maintaining status. If you need special assistance, please refer to the American Immigration Lawyers Association or Hawaii Lawyer Referral.


magnifying glass looking at a dollar sign
For any tax-related questions, please refer to any of the following resources for tax information and advice:

We, at International Student Services, are not tax experts and are not able to answer your tax questions. If you have additional questions regarding your tax obligations, we suggest that you access the IRS website for information regarding international tax payers.