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SEVIS Transfer

Some of you are planning to attend graduate school after completing your degree at BYUH. If you plan to do so, here are some general instructions and reminders.

Transfer Your SEVIS Record to a New School

You must personally request and authorize your SEVIS record to be transferred to your new school in order to maintain your status.


  • Admittance to another school.
  • Current maintenance of your lawful status, including: 
    • Enrollment in a full course of study OR 
    • Participation in optional practical training.

NOTE: If you are out of status and ineligible to transfer to your new school, you must do one of the following:

  • Apply to USCIS for reinstatement OR 
  • Leave the country and re-enter with an initial certificate of eligibility from your new school 


  1. After being accepted to your new school, you will need to complete and submit a Transfer Out Request.  
    • You will need to submit an official acceptance letter from your new school. 
    • Your new school will either send or have you submit a form to verify your transfer eligibility from BYUH. This can be uploaded through the e-form request. 
    • Our office will then complete and return the transfer eligibility form for your new school. 
  2. International Student Services will transfer your SEVIS record on the date you specify on your Transfer Out Form.
    • If you are taking classes, you must choose a date after that semester is complete. 
    • If you are not taking classes or are on your vacation period, you may choose any day prior to the first semester at your new school to transfer your record. 
    • If you have completed your previous program and are in your grace period, you must choose a day prior to the expiration of that grace period. 

Important Information

  • Your employment benefits at BYUH terminate on the effective transfer date.  
  • Be sure to enroll in a full course of study during your initial semester or term specified on your new certificate of eligibility at your new school. 
  • You DO NOT have to pay the SEVIS fee again. 
  • Make sure that you check-in with your new school upon your arrival to that campus. 
  • It is the sole discretion of the university you are transferring to accept or reject your SEVIS record. Some graduate programs may or may not accept exchange visitors. Be aware that in some cases, a change of status may be necessary. In this case, you would have to pay the SEVIS fee again. 

The International Processing Fee you pay prior to coming to school goes towards funding your travel home. You may claim your IPF by filling out the Travel Voucher Request form.

NOTE: This form is not for travel to graduate school or academic/practical training sites. The school does not cover travel costs for any other purposes besides pre-completion internships and travel home.

Instructions for traveling home

  1. Fill out the Travel Voucher Request form to claim your IPF.
  2. ISS will create the travel voucher and send it, along with a copy of your passport, to Travel Services. 
  3. Work directly with Travel Services regarding travel arrangements and flight details.  
  4. Travel Services issues a flight itinerary.
  5. ISS authorizes the spending of your IPF.
  6. If the ticket costs less than the $500 amount, you will not be refunded the difference. Likewise, if the airfare costs more than the $500 amount, the school covers the difference. 
  7. Travel home safely.