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International Student Services

F-1 Student Status Requirement

Under U.S. immigration laws, it is your responsibility to maintain F-1 lawful student status by:

1) Maintain a valid passport at all times.

2) Check in with and attend the school listed on your current Form I-20 - that should be BYU-HAWAII.

3) A full course of study at BYU-Hawaii is 12 credits for all students for any semester they attend. Students who wish to qualify for IWORK or Academic Scholarships will need to take 14 credits per semester.

To stay in status, international students may only take fewer than 12 credits per semester, if they are on an approved Reduced Course Load or if it is their ANNUAL LEAVE semester after two semesters of being full-time students.

Please contact International Student Services if you are thinking about registering for fewer than 12 credits. You will need to get approval and fill out the appropriate forms.

Note: Be aware that if you withdraw from a class that will take you below full-time status, you will be out of status.

Please see the International Student Services office if you are thinking about withdrawing from a class.

4) Keep your Form I-20 valid and accurate by following the proper procedures when you:

5) Follow the grace period rules governing admittance to the U.S. no more than 30 days before your program start date and those pertaining to your remaining in the U.S. for up to 60 days beyond your program completion date or any authorized practical training.

6) Apply for an extension of program which must be done prior to its expiration date

7) Transfer from one program to another (e.g., ESL to regular school) or from one level to another (e.g., bachelor's to master's) or Transfer of School

8) Maintain your permanent home country address in Peoplesoft and update your local address and/or phone number in Peoplesoft within 10 days of any change. Doing so will automatically send an update notification to USCIS.

9) Abide by rules requiring disclosure of information and prohibition on criminal activity. Disclosure of Criminal Activity

10) Engage in employment only after receiving proper authorization.

11) Limit employment hours to no more than 19 per week while school is in session.