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New Students

BEFORE Arrival


Pay the required SEVIS fee (I-901) and keep proof of payment with your immigration papers.


After receiving either an I-20 Form or DS-2019 form from BYU-Hawaii, use the form to apply for your visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate in your country. After you obtain your visa, you will be able to travel to a U.S. port of entry.

For more information and clarification regarding visa application, read the Student Visa webpage from the U.S. Department of State.

Register For Your Classes

Because your native language is not English, when you arrive on campus you will be given a placement test to determine your language proficiency. You may be required to enroll in the English Language (EIL) Program. You will be able to register for classes after this test.


As a new student, you are required to have a valid passport to enter the United States and at all times while you are here. Your passport must expire no earlier than 6 months of arrival to the United States.


It is a good idea to exchange currency for U.S. dollars before your departure, but you should not travel with large amounts of cash

UPON Arrival

Attend Our Mandatory International Student Validation Meeting

Before you begin your educational journey, you must attend our International Student Services Validation Meeting, where you will be introduced to our staff and given helpful tools to maintain your legal status while attending school. Check the New Student Orientation for the most current validation meeting dates, time and place. Please note that this is an important meeting that ALL international students who come to our campus MUST attend!

Check-in Online

If you arrive after the VALIDATION MEETING DATES (See New Student Orientation information) you MUST complete online check-in by going to the ISS orientation page to have your SEVIS record activated AND then come to the International Student Service so we can scan your documents. You will need your passport, visa, and I-94 and either your I-20 form or DS-2019 form to complete your online check-in.

Check-in at International Student Services

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this. After completing the online check-in, visit the International Student Services office located in Canon Activities Center 157 to have your immigration documents scanned. You will need your passport, visa, I-94 and DS-2019/ I-20 to complete check-in at International Student Services.