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International Student Services

Maintaining Visa Status

1. Check-in online on the ISS orientation page and at International Student Services when you arrive at Brigham Young University–Hawaii. Make sure to take your immigration documents (passport, visa, I-94 copy and I-20 or DS-2019) with you during check-in.

2. A full course of study at BYU–Hawaii is 12 credits in Fall and Winter Semesters and 8 credits in Spring. Students who wish to qualify for IWORK or academic scholarships will need to take 14 credits in Fall and Winter per semester.

To stay in status, international students may take no less than 12 credits for Fall and Winter Semesters and no less than 8 in Spring Semesters. If an international student is on an approved reduced course load or annual leave semester, the student must be enrolled with full-time credits immediately after the RCL or annual leaver semester. Annual leave will only be granted after the international student has been in school for 2 full semesters.

Please contact International Student Services if you are thinking about registering for fewer than 12 credits in Fall or Winter or less than 8 credits in Spring. You will need to get approval and fill out the appropriate forms. Please also see the International Student Services office if you are thinking about withdrawing from a class.

NOTE: Be aware that if you withdraw from a class that will put you below full-time status, THIS will put you out of status.

3. Attend and pass all of your classes.

4. File timely requests for any program extension, change of status, transfer, optional practical training (OPT), academic training (AT) or other authorized employment.

5. International Students may only work at BYUH or PCC for up to 19 hours when classes are in session (Fall or Winter), and no more than 40 hours during official school breaks.

6. If you leave BYU–Hawaii before your program ends or on a leave of absence, you must inform the Office of the Registrar.

7. Get your I-20 or DS-2019 signed by an advisor at International Students Services before you travel. All documents must be up to date.

8. Renew your passport six months before it expires.

9. Update your address on within 10 days of any change.

10. Obey all state, federal and university laws and regulations.