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On-Campus Employment

Employment is defined as providing any type of work or services on either a part-time or full-time basis in exchange for money, tuition, books, supplies, housing, food, or any other benefit.

As a J-1 student, you may be employed only after you have received the appropriate authorization from our office. Failure to observe this requirement will place you out of status. Also, employers may be cited, fined, and/or imprisoned for hiring persons ineligible for employment or maintaining employees who are no longer authorized to be employed.


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  • Must be in good academic standing. 
  • Must continue to engage in a full course of study--not required to be enrolled during annual leave. 
  • Must approval from International Student Services prior to beginning employment  


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  • Work no more than 19 hours per week when school is in session. 
  • Maintain status while engaging in authorized employment.
  • Do not engage in unauthorized employment.

Authorization Procedure

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  • The U.S. Department of State requires J-1 exchange visitors to receive authorization from the alternate responsible officer or responsible officer prior to starting employment.
  • Engaging in unauthorized employment is a violation of federal law and will place you out of status.
  • In order to complete on-campus employment authorization, you must receive an offer letter and go through the necessary hiring procedure with Human Resources.  
  • You must report any change in employment to International Student Services within 10 days.  

Length of Employment

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  • Permission to be employed expires upon 1) completion of a program of studies or ending of the period of lawful stay, whichever is earlier or 2) expiration of employment authorization as noted by USCIS or International Student Services. 

Scholarships, Assistantships, and Fellowships

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  • If your program is sponsored by an organization other than BYUH, you will need to obtain written permission for employment from that organization in order for International Student Services to authorize your employment. 
  • If you already have an assistantship considered to be equivalent to 20 hours a week, you are not eligible for additional on-campus employment. 

Please consult with International Student Services regarding questions about employment.