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International Student Services

Experiential Learning

The United States Government wants all international students to have the best education this country can offer. Part of that experience is gaining work experience and practical skills that will enhance the classroom learning gained during the student's program. Although these opportunities are great, the responsibility lies on the student wanting this experience to ensure that the paperwork is filled out properly and it is also the student's responsibility to ensure that EVERY STEP of the process is completed. Completion of the paperwork will not be assumed by ALUMNI & CAREER SERVICES NOR BY INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES.

All experiential learning processes start at Alumni & Career Services.

Click on the link below to read the regulations governing these training programs.

Optional Practical Training is for F-1 Student

Academic Training is for J-1 Students

To request an extension of Academic Training (AT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT), you need to go to ISS's online client services, log in using your BYUH Net ID and fill out the forms online. You will be contacted via email if your request is approved or not.

International Student Employment

The International Student Employment Policy is designed to ensure students employed by BYU–Hawaii and PCC are informed of all the privileges and responsibilities provided to them as employees, as well as the restrictions governing other employment opportunities. Want to learn more about the employment policy please review the international student employment policy.