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Melba Latu with several lei

Aloha amazing international students of BYU–Hawaii,

I am so happy to welcome you back to campus and back to school. You have been through a time that has required your persistence and faith. Thank you for being such inspiring examples to me.

We have had some big and small changes in ISS. I would love to share them with you. First, each of you has an advisor assigned to help you from the time you are a BYU–Hawaii student until you graduate. We have the best team of advisors and I am so happy that you will be working with them. If your last name begins with A-G, I am your advisor. Please contact me if you have any questions. If your last name begins with the letters H-J, Ikaia Nawahine is your advisor. If your last name begins with the letters K-R, William Numanga will be your advisor. And if your last name begins with the letters S-Z, Lenisi Pasi will be your advisor. Jolene White is our graduate intern, working in our communications division. And finally, the stars of our office: our students, your peers. Gideon, Vinay, Natasya, Kaiden, Kefei, Woojin Han, and Michael.

We are all here to help make your experience here at BYU–Hawaii all that it is meant to be. You have an amazing future ahead and we are grateful to assist you. Aloha and have an incredible semester!

Sister Latu